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Regularly Asked Questions

Q: What fabricate I wish to get started with Traffic Ivy?

A: Appropriate an Web connection. Traffic Ivy is fully cloud-primarily based. So, honest login from wherever and commence using traffic.

Q: Are you able to direct this ‘parts’ thing again?

A: Traffic Ivy is a series of blogs and social media web sites.  Our people (collectively with you, whenever you happen to esteem!) are rewarded parts after they fragment your issue material on their blogs or social media pages.  We abet correct quality shares, giving them extra parts after they’re posting on big pages.

If you occupy at the current time, you will get get entry to to our network of people who can fragment your issue material on our network of web sites.  You pick how many parts you will want to delight in to reward them for sharing – and when those parts speed out, it’s seemingly you’ll per chance well be in a situation to buy extra – or, it’s seemingly you’ll per chance well be in a situation to steal part in the neighborhood, sharing varied other folk’s issue material earning parts with out cost.

Q: How critical traffic can I quiz to get with 5,000 parts?

A: Our platform works on a communal marketplace parts machine, so what you pick to exercise it on in reality comes down to ‘provide and query’.  Some shares are round 5, 10 or 20 parts so for five,000 parts you c ould accumulate about 200-500 shares.    It varies deal though on the niche your targeting, the amount of issue material already in that niche and the quality of your delight in issue material.  Merely issue material gets shared critical sooner.

With the platform being so unique, the categorical level costs will fluctuate higher than typical, so delight in a look in the marketplace to get a thought of what others are paying after which determine how hasty you will want to delight in your traffic and pick your mark.

Q: What happens if I fabricate no longer are searching to fragment neighborhood issue material?

A: The neighborhood element is definitely treasured, nevertheless or no longer it’s miles no longer obligatory.  Some of our people pick to amass parts, in concern of earning them by sharing issue material in the neighborhood.  If that is you, I could per chance counsel grabbing the ten,000 level bundle whenever you draw your yarn, due to while it’s seemingly you’ll per chance well be in a situation to buy them later, the costs are reasonably somewhat higher.

Q: Is there a limit to once I wish to exercise my Traffic Ivy parts?

A: No, it’s seemingly you’ll per chance well be in a situation to exercise them everytime you need, exercise them with out be aware or save them up for whenever you need a full on viral traffic explosion.

Q: Is this esteem buying traffic?

A: You’re no longer required to pay for any traffic in our network, varied than buying your membership bundle at the current time.  That you simply can even fragment varied other folk’s issue material to your social media pages or blogs after which ranking shares of your delight in to be former on our wide network of established niche blogs.

Q: Make I get practising and support?

A: Certain, you will get complete get entry to to the traffic generation platform, plus video practising, pdf reviews and get entry to to over 30 practising courses we now delight in recorded collectively in our previous weekly are living practising workshops straight away available for your people space and in our friendly Fb group.

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