NEW Highly efficient Laundry Magnets | $2 EPC and Beautifully Conversion Fee!

NEW Highly efficient Laundry Magnets | $2 EPC and Beautifully Conversion Fee! thumbnail

We totally perceive! That’s exactly how we felt sooner than we started the usage of them just a few years ago, similar to you, we had been “brainwashed” into pondering: to tidy your garments = you would furthermore catch to make utilize of laundry detergent.

Appropriate? WRONG.

We are in a position to happily direct that we have no longer sold laundry detergent since August of 09′. Loopy because it sounds, or no longer it’s right!

That is the exact science within the aid of how it in actuality works: So, detergent corporations would want to catch you think that or no longer it’s a ways the chemical compounds in water that tidy your laundry. Alternatively, *right here is usually no longer right*.

We most regularly operate no longer non-public it… or no longer it’s in point of fact WATER that cleans your garments, water is largely the most extremely efficient ingredient on earth. What did folks tidy with sooner than cleansing soap even existed? Water.

Detergent by myself gained’t tidy your garments…. or no longer it’s valuable so that you just may well add water.

Due to what detergents and cleansing soap does is it easiest adjustments the surface rigidity of the water and helps the water molecules turn out to be extra purposeful and spaced out and slippery to drag the dirt and dirt off dirty garments. That’s the reason cleansing soap and detergent has that “slippery/oily” feel.

This course of is named chemical saponification.

The side-effects are, perceive that, your whole poisonous chemical compounds outmoded within the midst of.

Now what our innovative discovery does is the actual same thing, with the exception of by the usage of magnetism. The water molecule is already a extremely magnetic molecule with a definite and destructive fee. When the water rotates with the particularly designed magnets, the surface rigidity of the water adjustments, and the water starts cleansing extra successfully, factual love with detergent. Traditional science, operate no longer you factual admire it!

You derive the cleansing vitality of detergent, with out detergent! And all you pause is place aside the 2 magnetic balls into your washer machine (on reverse facets of every assorted) and you are carried out, that you just can launch washing detergent free!

That’s it, so straightforward… and it WORKS!

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