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It used to be genuinely eerie how smartly this worked

I would sit down within the morning with a cup of tea and place the bets.

I also persisted to pork up the tempo and processing energy of ‘Odds Oracle’ to protect sooner than the bookies.. I silent homicide.

On my 2nd spherical of exams it worked all over again.

On my first day, I netted over GBP 180 in winnings.

On my 2nd day, I netted over GBP 90 in winnings.

On day three, I netted over GBP 260 in winnings.

On day four, I netted over GBP 140 in winnings,

And on day 5, I netted over GBP 390 in winnings,.

No longer a unpleasant effort.

This netted me about £1750 in winnings.

Then I started to guess increased quantities…

And by the quit of the week I was up by over £3,000.

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